Victory Gundam Series

#6 1/100 V2 Assault Gundam

The main character robot from the anime series "V Gundam" which has a very large cannon, and a triangular shield. All important joints move. Snap-assembly, molded in color, extensive stickers and decals.

Mulitple weapons include beam rifle and beam saber, and beam shield. Completed V2 Gundam is about 7 inches tall ( excluding the shoulder mounted cannon ).

The V2 Assault Gundam can be transformed into fore fighter, votom fighter, and the mode like "gerwalk" in Macross. Please refer to the pictures below. Moreover, it has some golden coated parts.

Scale : 1/100

Condition : Brand new. Everything in its original packing.

Box Size : about 12.25 x 7.5 x 3 inches

Weight : about 420 grams

Shipping Cost : about US$12 to USA

Image #1

Image #2

Image #3