Gundam RX-78-3

The RX-78-3 does not show up in any TV series. It appears in Gundam novel only with the ending describing Amro Ray died inside this Gundam ( quite sad, right ). This kit is identical to the standard version of the RX-78-2, except that it is molded in blue and gray plastic, rather than the more "festive" colors of the original. The level of detail is superb, and virtually everything moves. Panels on the legs flip open to reveal internal mechanisms. The head has a panel, too. Even the "Core Fighter" cockpit ship can be removed from its belly. Fine mesh parts cover the inside of the chest air intakes for added realism. Three types of hands are included -- open palm, fists, and poseable (moving fingers) for gripping any of the several weapons that comes with the kit.

Condition : Brand new. Everything in its original packing.

Box Size : about 12.5 x 8 x 3.5 inches

Weight : about 530 grams

Shipping Cost : about US$15 to USA

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Image #2

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