3rd Angel Sachiel

This is the 3rd Angel "Sachiel" version of Bandai's LM-HG EVA kit, showing off an entirely new kit design style by Bandai. An inner, poseable frame ( assembled with the usual poly-caps ) is stuffed inside of a rubber-like suit. Outer accesories ( shoulder panels, etc. ) are then attached to the inner frame through holes in the suit you open yourself.

Smaller items, like the chest spikes, are simply poked through holes in the suit and hang there. The results, after about 5 min. of work with a fine-tip black felt pen, are very nice. this model stands about 9 inches tall when completed. Most of the small, pointy parts ( arm spikes, fingers ) are molded of a semi-flexible plastic to prevent not only wounds to the handler, but to add strength to the kit.

The completed model is about 10 inches tall.

Condition : Brand new. Everything in its original packing.

Weight : about 380 grams

Shipping Cost : about US$12

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